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ASPEN Consulting's partnership with
U.S. Army Medical Material Europe

USAMMCE Partnership.

Aspen Consulting leads the Transformation Management Office at USAMMCE.
Since award of the contract in 2006,  the team has become a critical part of the USAMMCE organization and helping it meet its mission objectives.  Aspen routinely provides in-depth reports and analysis on any topic requested by the leadership. These reports require direct on the ground research, interviewing, data analysis, regulatory review, and prompt turn around. The breadth of Aspen’s Transformation Office work ranges from being the honest broker in identifying and validating regulatory security and safety requirements, to developing  complete space utilization and transfer plans for the entire organization’s move to potential sites in the future. These complex research requirements and engineering plans were accomplished on time, and well above the customer’s expectations. Aspen has become an integral part of the team at USAMMCE and is intimately acquainted with all facets of the mission and is able to respond to changes as they occur because of our on the ground, direct interaction with the customer. Aspen research was used as the basis for other data used in the decision making process for the $20 million relocation project commissioned by IMCOM Europe, which is managing the overall European facilities transformation for USAREUR. Thus, Aspen not only is supporting the USAMMCE transformation, it is part of a broader effort that involves stakeholders from multiple agencies and directorates throughout Europe. Aspen’s versatility and competence, along with their customer friendly approach ensure that that USAMMCE has received the best advice and project support during its transformation and that its interests are properly represented for optimal mission accomplishment. Aspen’s in-depth analysis of all aspects of the USAMMCE mission and organization are highlighted by their ISO 9001 work to categorize, link, and define all processes of the organization during its re-structurie planning.