About Us

About Us

Aspen Consulting, LLC is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing healthcare and medical support services; program management support; and information technology services, support and solutions to DoD organizations. Aspen Consulting is a US based company with offices located in San Antonio, Texas. Aspen Consulting has made a significant commitment to support Department of Defense customers in Europe by contact with our customers and staff on a regular basis.


Aspen Consulting, LLC is dedicated to serving our Department of Defense customers in Europe by providing quality, professional and responsive support to the members of the United States military. Aspen Consulting, LLC is strongly committed to our customers. Our vision is to deliver outstanding services, support and solutions by collaboration with our clients and staff on a regular basis

Why Aspen

Aspen Consulting, LLC is committed to upholding our Core Values in order to provide professional support to our clients. In keeping with our saying "Shared Values, Professional Support", our teams have a full understanding of how we conduct business with the following values in mind:


Commitment to Clients We take time to understand our client's requirements and expectations, ensuring our staff are always within their reach
Honesty and Integrity Securing our customer's trust and confidence in our teams and our service is one of our highest priorities
Continuous Improvement We are dedicated to staying innovative and efficient in order to continually provide quality service.
Serving the Community We believe in being part of the community and supporting our warriors through volunteer work or partnerships with other organizations

Our Name

A grove of Aspen Trees develops from a single root and each tree shares the strength and stability of a single unified root system that spreads for miles connecting one another. As with the Aspen Tree, our mission is to build on the strength and stability of our employees, strategic team members, and client partners to expand the global reach of services ensuring the highest degree of care for members of the United States Military.


-"Extremely good service! Very helpful staff who went above and beyond what we expected.
   Thank you very much for all your help finding our new home!" - David, Heidelberg

-"The staff was very knowledgeable and very professional.
   They truly made the experience a great one for me. Many thanks!!" - Robert, Heidelberg

-"Exceptional Customer Service! Made everything simple and easy!" - Lanette, Heidelberg

-"The counselors worked extremely hard to provide excellent service
   with a persoanl touch." - Brad, Heidelberg